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Hi my name is Sonji and I am a Graphic Designer/Web Designer born and raised in Surrey. I specialise in clean, consistent websites with an artistic edge whilst creating eye catching and engaging designs.

Being female and a mother has given me certain life experiences and challenges that I carry forward in much of my work and truely believe that nothing is impossible if you try...

Graduating from London College of Fashion as a Womenswear Designer left me open to so many posibilities in career choice. Being creative has allways been my passion. Exploring ways to capture an audience, experimenting and knowing what looks good are my strongest assets. With this in mind I completed various courses and certifications and am now a qualified Web Designer.

Enjoying all things web, makes me a technology enthusiast, I enjoy learning new things and building on my current skills as a designer. I am currently available to take on new projects so get in touch.




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Email: info@dekoydesign.com

Tel: 07977 141 780

Facebook: sonji.dekoydesigns



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